Our vision is for everyone to feel known, supported and cheered along their journey to become a FULLY DEVOTED FOLLOWER OF CHRIST, enabling them to have their best life

We are passionate about our c3 Tribe growing through authentic and powerful relationships. Because we are passionate about having healthy and supportive relationships within our C3 tribe community, we have developed THRIVE PARTIES.

This means we are being intentional and strategic in managing and creating opportunities for growth and connection. THRIVE parties are a great way to do life together with people who love you, believe in you and support you. To have the BEST LIFE God has for you is to be part of God’s family. Doing life together as a family is GOD’S idea.

At C3 Church Cairns we believe that life is fully lived out in community. THRIVE parties are the front lines in caring for one another and building relationship beyond a Sunday morning. THRIVE parties are groups that meet in various locations including homes, apartments, cafes or the church campus on a monthly basis to build friendships and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Through these groups, we are able to care for one another and feel a sense of belonging within the larger church family. So get involved. Get committed and we know you’ll be amazed as God changes and strengthens your world.


Are great encouragers and supporters. They will do their best to help you feel connected and empowered to grow and thrive here at C3 Church Cairns. They have our full support and total confidence, as we have hand picked some incredible wise and caring individuals in our house, to fulfill this mission.

Your THRIVE CHAMPION will be a coach, a cheerleader, a prayer support and a safe place for you to share any successes or challenges on your journey.

They will be running monthly THRIVE PARTIES will be a monthly event to catch up with your THRIVE CHAMPION along with other C3 Tribe members who are in the same stage of life as you. These are also a great place to bring new people, family and friends too!