Karlos Sarunic

Young Adults THRIVE Party

Karlos is passionate about God. As a young adult he has been involved in church leadership, and in targeting & engaging youth. He works as an IT Officer at MAF. Karlos has recently relocated from South Australia to be closer to his family.
He is lightning on the touch footy field, loves Star Trek & all things involving space & tech.

Thelma Yelland

THRIVE Party Leader

Thelma Yelland is a woman of prayer and intercession. She has two sons and two daughters. Originally from Papua New Guinea she helps support our women and leads our prayer team here at C3 Church Cairns.

If you are a wisdom woman who would love to learn more about prayer and faith a does of Thelma is just what you need. We catch more than we realise as we purposefully surround ourselves with great people.

Contact Thelma on 0432 290 729

Wes & Peita Maybury

Young Families THRIVE party

Wes & Peita Maybury have been married for 15 incredible years. They have four amazing children aged between 6 and 14 years old.
They have recently relocated to Cairns from Tamworth. Wes is a surveyor and Peita is a nurse. They have been involved in church life for many years.

If you have a young family, enjoy a bbq and a good chat you'll love the Maybury's!

Contact Peita on 0411 687 094

Chris & Colleen Calleja

Young Adults THRIVE Party

Chris & Colleen Calleja have adult children & live in Etty Bay. They have been faithful members of God's house & are passionate about loving people. They are fun, cheeky, & quick to embrace everyone who comes across their path. With years of experience in marriage, parenting & walking with Jesus they have a wealth of stories & wisdom to share
If you're young at heart and keen to learn practical tips on relationships and life with Jesus this is your jam.

Contact Colleen on 0400 014 416
Chris 0407 632 800

Marinka & Jurie Van Loggerenberg

Young Families THRIVE party

Jurie & Marinka have been married for 16 incredible years. They met through Operation Christmas Child in London. They have two sons aged 10 & 12years old & are currently renovating their house in Kewarra Beach. Born in South Africa they have also lived and worked around the world- including England, South West Africa, Australia and NZ.

If you enjoy having fun as you do life, with kids &
family, you'll fit right in to the VL's tribe.

Contact Marinka on 0459 165 019

Sam & Lara Batzke

Young Adults THRIVE party

Sam & Lara Batzke are our Youth Leaders here at C3 Church Cairns. Sam also oversees and facilitate the Sunday morning services and Lara is part of the worship team. They are fun, cheeky and passionate about the house of God.

If you are young and fun then you will enjoy hanging with the Batzkes.

Contact Sam on 0426 393 925
Lara 0488 519 719

Anne Mison

Young Adults THRIVE Party

Anne Mison is a High School teacher at a local Cairns High School. She grew up near Ballina with her parents & two brothers. Amongst many subjects her main passions are Physical Education, travel and connecting with young people. Anne enjoys the outdoors and has recently taken up photography and all things media.

If you are new to Carins or here on a visa Anne is your perfect tour guide.

Contact Anne on 0402 492 477

Stuart & Cindy Wider

Families THRIVE Party Leaders

Stuart and Cindy Wider have two young daughters Isha, Sumaya and an adult son Karlos. Stuart is the Executive Officer of Cairns Street Chaplains and Cindy is a full time professional illustrator who writes and designs art courses to help people learn to draw online.

A caring, supportive family filled with a sense of humour and a huge heart for Jesus, if you too are parents of younger teenage kids, or even if your older kids have already flown the nest then you will love this group!

Contact Cindy on 0413 295 891

Mafaufauga Palauni

Sistah THRIVE Party

Mafaufauga is a single mum to two amazing young adults. Her great loves consist of family, friends & faith. Mafaufauga works in the Sector of Youth Service Providers in the Cairns community. Her life's motto is to love & appreciate others the way she'd like to be loved & appreciated. herself. Mafaufauga is passionate to see people living their best life..

This PARTY of single and married sisters enjoy fine food and fun. If this sounds like you contact Mafa she'd llove to have you join her tribe.

Contact Mafa on 0435 875 615

Theo & Anita Sotiriadis

Wisdom Warriors THRIVE Party

Introducing Theo & Anita Sotiriadis. Hanging out with this couple will leave you feeling encouraged, fed & loved. This amazing couple have been serving in God's house faithfully & love to see God moving in His people. They have five children & six grandchildren. Now retired, they enjoy gardening and playing bowls.

If you need encouragement, prayer, prophesy or some where you feel at home this is the group for you.

Contact Anita on 0431 349 488