We encourage the use of gifts and this has seen us come up with groups in our Worship Team. These include singers and musicians, sound engineering for those with a good ear for sound and those willing to learn to mix, and finally screen management for those who have a knack for programs and great timing.


Our creatives are grouped into media, graphics and lighting. The media team gets involved in production of live footage for Church news, testimonials and promotions. Whether it be as a camera man, a presenter or by putting it all together for the big screen. Graphics help design Ads and marketing for upcoming events, brochures, calendars, business cards and more.

Some of creatives are involved in lighting, photography and stage design. These help run the lighting mix and create an atmosphere for God to move in, keep news events, our website and our team with up to date photos and the stage looking exciting, contemporary and inviting for those joining us from the community.